How to Release Your Emotions and Power-Up Your Business

How to Release Your Emotions and Power-Up Your Business

The past three months have been incredibly challenging on a variety of levels. It has been laced with uncertainty about the strength of our businesses, the health of people we care most about, and our personal financial stability. For many, uncertainty still lingers. This uncertainty has overwhelmed us with emotions such as fear, anxiety, and stress. Research shows that when we are in these types of emotions, our logical brain shuts down. In my books, I call this the shutting out of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurship is about uncovering and solving problems – pure and simple. Business owners and employees who are constantly identifying problems that impact stakeholders or the business’s ability to grow and work to find a relevant and executable solution are true entrepreneurs. Yes, entrepreneurship isn’t just limited to someone who owns a business. There are numerous examples of company employees who have identified a problem and offered a great solution. This is called intrapreneurship. Regardless of what it’s call, the ability to identify and solves problems is key to the success of businesses of all sizes moving forward. The old way of doing business won’t work for many businesses as they re-engage with their customers – because the customer needs have changed.

The good news is, success is available to every business, regardless of size, location, or availability of financial resources. It’s just a matter of tapping into one’s entrepreneurial qualities. But you can’t do this if you aren’t able to effectively manage your emotions.

In his bestselling book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey talks about the need to take control of our emotions, instead of allowing them to take control of us. He talks about the need to identify all of our concerns and focus on those we have influence over. By starting to think about all of the things you are concerned about, you’re easing some of the emotional charges they have over you. Putting your energies on things you have no control over provides a sense of overwhelming. It reinforces our negative emotions and results in behaviors that don’t support a good work environment. It very quickly diminishes trust.

Reviewing all of the things we’re concerned about and separating issues we can control puts us back in the driver seat. It releases the stranglehold of our emotions and engages our logical brain.

Upon doing this exercise, one quickly starts to realize the only thing they truly have control over is themselves. We can’t make the virus go away; we can’t make our employees work harder, and we can’t make our customers buy from us. We can only affect how we show up as a leader, business owner, and contributor to our society. Our actions and behaviors have to be intentional and aligned with our corporate values. In doing so, we begin to send out a strong and consistent message about our business. It makes us memorable to our stakeholders; it shows we care. Yet, few small businesses have taken the time to articulate their corporate values. And for those who have, many miss the mark because their behaviors don’t consistently reflect these values. People look for authenticity; they look for consistency. It provides safety – especially during times of uncertainty. People will keep coming back when you do what you say you’ll do. When you act in the way you say you’re doing to act. This is the epitome of integrity!

So do the work – write down everything you’re concerned about; all of your worries cares and fears. Get them down on paper. Then highlight what you can influence. It’s only then you’ll start to feel more in control of your business’s destiny and able to create a plan to move forward.


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