Discover the coaching experience that reduces business chaos with efficient processes so you can scale your business in less time with less stress.

80% of small businesses in the U.S. fail within the first 5 years often because they lack proper planning and efficient processes. We design a customized roadmap to ensure your success and rescue your business from life support.

Business Rescue Coaching provides hands-on attention to fixing your business struggles.

  • Turn Your Business Goals Into A Reality with a Solid Action Plan

  • Stay Motivated With Accountability Support

  • Create Systems and Processes To Free Your Time and Ease Stress

Business Rescue Coaching specializes in helping seasoned business owners like you grow and scale your business.

Here’s how:

Relieve Confusion and Gain Clarity On Your Big Picture Goals

As Business owners we can get caught up in the day-to-day demands and forget our big picture vision. Where do you want to take your business and what is your end goal? When we work with you we help by:

  • Rekindling that spark to get you excited about your business, so you stay motivated and on track.
  • Helping to develop your road map so you have a clear path to success.

Transform your business goals into a reality!

It’s often the areas we avoid that will create the profits we want to achieve. It’s easy to focus on the parts of our business we love, but that’s not going to grow our business. Accountability for actions helps us take our business to the next level.

Business Rescue Coaching is your best accountability partner, so you can get comfortable with the activities you need to do in order to get real results. In our programs, we become a synergetic partner and give you the support to get you comfortable with those uncomfortable tasks that will catapult profits and bring you to the next level much faster.

I tend to procrastinate and avoid the important things I don’t like to do. You can’t do that when working with Business Rescue Coaching because you’re being held accountable. It feels great when I see what I’ve accomplished.

Denise Dodge

Grow your business with the Mind Power of accomplished Business OWNERS.

Great entrepreneurs like John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford depended on multiple minds to get them to the millions they desired. As one person and one mind you only know what you know.

In our Business Rescue Coaching Groups we have other seasoned business owners who can give solutions to the situations you’re facing. Their perspective will give you new ideas on how to handle your business challenges, simplify your life, and guide you towards growing a successful, scalable business.

True leaders know they cannot do anything on their own.

Dinah Eng – Fortune Magazine Contributing Writer

Learn How to Handle Tough Business Situations

Your business is your baby – it’s a part of you. When you lose a client or things don’t go as planned, sometimes our minds start to spiral into stress which hurts our productivity.

Business Rescue Coaching provides you with the support you need to help you look at your business in a more objective way. This allows you to learn from each lesson; avoid repeating mistakes and empowers you to make smarter decisions. You’ll start sleeping better at night with less stress and you’ll be able to stay focused on generating the income you desire.


I’m seeing the progress in my business and that is what keeps me committed to working with Business Rescue Coaching.

beits-large-picI’ve been able to create a plan and clarify the steps I need to take to get it done. Breaking things down into small chunks and being kept accountable helps me move my business forward. Beits Livneh – Legal Technology Solutions

Cindy Gordon and her company Business Rescue Coaching, has been a dynamic resource for taking my business to the next level.

Layne-headshot-125x125Since we have been working together, our revenue has increased by 36% for the quarter, resulting in a higher margin of gross profit and allowing us to expand and improve our services. Her financial background, skillful blending of resources, and useful information for any business owner is invaluable. Cindy’s positive Coaching style has allowed me to refine my leadership skills and take calculated steps to ensure a model for success. We have a smoother operation with far greater rewards. Layne Kizler – AZ Dog Sports

Protect Your Business and Generate Profits!

In This Diagnostic Report You Will:

  • Learn where your business weak spots are to create a focused strategy for higher profits
  • Get specific steps to achieve those hard to reach goals
  • Gain new insights to remind you of the passionate drive you had when you first started your business

You’ll get a Tangible Report & an Optional 20 Minute One-on-One Targeted Telephone Coaching Session!


Special Report: First Three Steps To Guarantee Sustainable Profits
Special Report: Key Component to Scaling your Business Quickly
Downloadable Template: Critical Business Measurement Tracking Sheet – To keep you on top of business trends so you can maximize growth

Downloadable Template: Determine the Value of Lost Productivity



Cindy Gordon Owner of Business Rescue Coaching

I founded Business Rescue Coaching (formerly Culture Shock Coaching) in 2007 when I was living in Toronto. I had spent many years in Public Accounting trying to find a way out of the profession. Not that there is anything wrong with being an accountant – it holds so many opportunities for the right people. The challenge was for many years I didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me. However, I didn’t know what other paths were available or where to start looking.


How do I know if individual or group coaching is best for me?

Clients are interviewed prior to placement into one of the Business Rescue Coaching program streams to find out which is best for them. A few of the criteria we look at includes: how many years of leadership experience you have; what types of challenges you are facing; what stage of the business life cycle you’re in; what would be more comfortable for you. You’re an active participant in the determination because we want to ensure you’re put into the program that will help you succeed the most.

How quickly will I see results?

Business Rescue Coaching clients experience results almost immediately. We work very proactively with our clients to identify the biggest hurdles that have been holding them up and get to work immediately on those.

How much do I have to pay upfront?

There is no lump sum upfront payment required for either program. You pay as you go. However, we do ask for a firm commitment to the program. We want to know that you are devoted to growing your business – even when it gets hard or uncomfortable.

What is the time commitment?

Our individual program provides 4 hours a month of one-on-one coaching time; the group program requires you to attend a 4 hour group meeting and have a 1 hour personal coaching session each month. Both programs will require you to create an action plan that you’ll be working on between meetings. The amount of time you’ll need to accomplish it will vary and will be based on how aggressive you want to be about growing your business. You’re always in the driver seat.

How structured are the programs?

We believe that every business and every owner is unique. This means that while you may be dealing with challenges that another business owner is, you will react and deal with it differently. Because of this, we know that very structured programs don’t work – as much as we hope they would! We work with each client to develop the roadmap to success based on where they are in their business – regardless of which Business Rescue Coaching program you sign up for.

Business Rescue Coaching specializes in helping seasoned business owners like you grow and scale your business.