Bask in the SERENITY of your ATTAINMENT of FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and LEADERSHIP CONFIDENCE achieved by partnering with Business Rescue Coaching

Business Rescue Coaching partners with motivated female entrepreneurs who are ready to earn their worth, step into their leadership power and embrace of their financial potential!

Business Rescue Coaching guides you to build the financial wealth of your business by:

  • Presenting a framework with corresponding strategies that are more empowering and uplifting

  • Introducing you to a leadership model that is more authentic and genuine to the female leader

  • Offering access to a brain trust of dynamic female entrepreneurs


Business Rescue Coaching provides female entrepreneurs the safe space to explore their potential and achieve their greatest dreams.

Are you a female business owner who is:

  • Tired of slow business growth?
  • Done with feeling isolated and alone at work?
  • Ready to make decisions with confidence?
  • Looking for help to see their blindspots?
  • Hungry for financial independence?

We can help!

Create a clear roadmap to your success

The greatest hurdle facing many female business owners is their own limiting beliefs. They know they can help others. Their clients are highly satisfied. However, they continue to play small and find themselves financially dependent on their spouse or partner, feeling frustrated with the slow growth of their business.

Business Rescue Coaching offers virtual workshops to get you focused on your most important goals, feeling the fire of confidence and energy in your soul, with the tools and resources you need to take giant steps forward to achieve your dream business.

Growth in both employement and revenues begins to take off for women-owned businesses when they reach $250,000 in revenue. Supporting businesses on the cusp of crossing this threshold ($100,000 – $249,999) could accelerate the growth of larger women-owned businesses.

2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report by American Express

We know the struggle. Let us show you the way.

Learn from Experience and Knowledge of accomplished FEMALE Business OWNERS.

Six and seven figure earners claim that learning from others contributed to their success. You only know what you know. It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you!

In our Business Rescue Coaching Mastermind Groups we provide female business owners a think tank of entrepreneurs to grow their business faster through tried and proven best practices.

True leaders know they cannot do anything on their own.

Dinah Eng – Fortune Magazine Contributing Writer

What is the best option for my business?

Growing a business is never easy. Entrepreneurs are always faced with new challenges and decisions that need to be made. Can I afford to hire more staff? How will investing in a new product or service affect my business?

Business Rescue Coaching offers virtual workshops to help you make informed decisions based on your financial information. You don’t have to rely on only your gut instinct anymore. You’ll have the know-how to gain the information you need from historical and future focused financial information to make confident and solid business decisions.


Working with other entrepreneurial minds has challenged me to think in ways I wouldn’t have on my own.

This group has provided the ideas and support that is key for me to reach the next level of growth in my business; to strive for higher goals both professionally and personally that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It is a safe place to express yourself, be vulnerable and have fun! I can’t recommend the Business Rescue Coaching Mastermind enough. If you are a female business owner, this is a must! Michele Diamond – Diamond Financial Solutions

Cindy Gordon and her Business Rescue Coaching Mastermind group has been a dynamic resource for taking my business to the next level.

Since being a member of a Business Rescue Coaching Mastermind, our revenue has increased by 36% for the quarter, resulting in a higher margin of gross profit and allowing us to expand and improve our services. Her financial background, skillful blending of resources, and useful information for any business owner is invaluable. The feedback from others has allowed me to refine my leadership skills and take calculated steps to ensure a model for success. We have a smoother operation with far greater rewards. Layne Kizler – AZ Dog Sports

Protect Your Business and Generate Profits!

In This Diagnostic Report You Will:

  • Learn where your business weak spots are to create a focused strategy for higher profits
  • Get specific steps to achieve those hard to reach goals
  • Gain new insights to remind you of the passionate drive you had when you first started your business

You’ll get a Tangible Report & an Optional 20 Minute One-on-One Targeted Telephone Coaching Session!


Special Report: First Three Steps To Guarantee Sustainable Profits Special Report: Key Component to Scaling your Business Quickly Downloadable Template: Critical Business Measurement Tracking Sheet – To keep you on top of business trends so you can maximize growth

Downloadable Template: Determine the Value of Lost Productivity


Cindy Gordon owner of Business Rescue Coaching

I founded Business Rescue Coaching (formerly Culture Shock Coaching) in 2007 when I was living in Toronto. I had spent many years in Public Accounting trying to find a way out of the profession. Not that there is anything wrong with being an accountant – it holds so many opportunities for the right people. The challenge was for many years I didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me. However, I didn’t know what other paths were available or where to start looking.


There are other business coaching programs available. Why is BRC right for me?

There are a lot of great programs available for female entrepreneurs. However, at Business Rescue Coaching, you’ll be working with Cindy Gordon who knows what you are going through. Cindy was a successful business owner in Toronto, Ontario and started from scratch when she moved with her husband and children to Phoenix, Arizona in 2012. She didn’t know anyone and the Phoenix business landscape was unfamiliar to her. She worked hard to get her business going and made a lot of mistakes. She bartered services because she wasn’t generating enough money to pay; reduced her fees just to get any business and got very comfortable going through the motions of building a successful business because her husband was making a good living. In 2017, Cindy’s husband experienced some health issues and was unable to work for a while. It was the jolt of reality that Cindy needed to start seriously building her business. Cindy knows what it’s like. She knows what you’re going through and has taken her experience to create the workshops to provide others the mental and tactical skills they need to build a highly successful business.

I’m just starting my business – how can you help?

Your starting point is our Secrets of 6-Figure Women workshop. This will give you strategies for success with a clear plan of action to get you started.

What is the time commitment?

We know that time is your most valuable commodity, so we guarantee that you’ll get the best bang for your buck with your investment. We work to provide our virtual workshops at times that are most suitable to a busy woman’s schedule and provide the convenience of not having to travel to attend. We are always looking to accommodate people so please let us know what works best for you.

Am I ready for a Mastermind group?

The key to a successful Mastermind group is the fit of the members. We take this very seriously because we are so committed to providing the greatest outcomes to our members. We seek out women entrepreneurs who are driven to build a strong business; who are willing to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with others. We look for women who are willing to be vulnerable and ask for help from others. Our members must be in business for at least 3 – 5 years.

Do I have to be in Phoenix to work with BRC?

Our services are offered virtually to accommodate interested women no matter where they are located.

Business Rescue Coaching specializes in helping female business owners like you grow and scale your business.