Bask in the SERENITY of A HIGH FUNCTIONING, AUTONOMOUS TEAM in your business with proven successful Business Coaching program

Business Rescue Coaching works with entrepreneurial business owners in the Phoenix area to help them gain more success with less stress through the implementation of strategies that enable employees to be more productive and effective.

Business Rescue Coaching improves the financial wealth of your business by:

  • Creating a high performing team and easing the stress of managing employees

  • Implementing and simplify key processes so employees are more efficient

  • Strengthen profits and cashflow without increasing revenues


Business Rescue Coaching provides business coaching in Phoenix to ease the pains of a growing workforce.

Are you a business owner who is:

  • Busy putting out fires caused by employees.
  • Hesitant to trust your employees with your clients.
  • Feeling like you are paying a high salaries for little effort.
  • Frustrated by employees who don’t follow instructions.
  • Reluctant to fire low performers because their replacement may be worse.

We can help!

Create a clear action plan to maximize productivity

The greatest challenge for small business owners in Phoenix is finding and retaining good employees. New hires start off excited and ready to work. It doesn’t take long for their motivation and enthusiasm to dwindle.

Business Rescue Coaching helps to sustain that new hire excitement for years and years. We gather vital information on what motivates your employees and helps to create new ways of leading them. You’ll have a great team who will help carry the weight of your growing business.

Only 33% of the American workforce is highly engaged at work and 16% are actively disengaged. Disengaged employees cost the US $483B – $605B per year.

What’s the financial impact on your business? Let us show you.

Learn from Experience and Knowledge of accomplished Business OWNERS.

Great entrepreneurs know that they need feedback and ideas from others to achieve the goals they desired. One only knows what they know!

In our Business Rescue Coaching Groups we have other seasoned business owners who can give solutions to the situations you’re facing. Their perspective will give you new ideas on how to approach your business challenges, facilitate change and guide you towards your next steps.

True leaders know they cannot do anything on their own.

Dinah Eng – Fortune Magazine Contributing Writer

Life was simpler when my business was smaller!

You have invested your heart and soul into your business. It brings you gratification and at times, keeps you up at night. Employees are supposed to help you get more done, instead they are creating fires and adding to your stress.

Business Rescue Coaching can help you build the foundation of systems and processes so your employees are clear on their responsibilities; know the quality of service that is expected and have the tools and resources to provide it consistently. You will be able to delegate more responsibilities with the confidence that it will get done properly. Your clients will be highly satisfied.


I’m seeing the progress in my business and that is what keeps me committed to working with Business Rescue Coaching.

I’ve been able to create a plan and clarify the steps I need to take to get it done. Breaking things down into small chunks and being kept accountable helps me move my business forward. Beits Livneh – Legal Technology Solutions

Cindy Gordon and her company Business Rescue Coaching, has been a dynamic resource for taking my business to the next level.

Since we have been working together, our revenue has increased by 36% for the quarter, resulting in a higher margin of gross profit and allowing us to expand and improve our services. Her financial background, skillful blending of resources, and useful information for any business owner is invaluable. Cindy’s positive Coaching style has allowed me to refine my leadership skills and take calculated steps to ensure a model for success. We have a smoother operation with far greater rewards. Layne Kizler – AZ Dog Sports

Protect Your Business and Generate Profits!

In This Diagnostic Report You Will:

  • Learn where your business weak spots are to create a focused strategy for higher profits
  • Get specific steps to achieve those hard to reach goals
  • Gain new insights to remind you of the passionate drive you had when you first started your business

You’ll get a Tangible Report & an Optional 20 Minute One-on-One Targeted Telephone Coaching Session!


Special Report: First Three Steps To Guarantee Sustainable Profits Special Report: Key Component to Scaling your Business Quickly Downloadable Template: Critical Business Measurement Tracking Sheet – To keep you on top of business trends so you can maximize growth

Downloadable Template: Determine the Value of Lost Productivity


Cindy Gordon Owner of Business Rescue Coaching

I founded Business Rescue Coaching (formerly Culture Shock Coaching) in 2007 when I was living in Toronto. I had spent many years in Public Accounting trying to find a way out of the profession. Not that there is anything wrong with being an accountant – it holds so many opportunities for the right people. The challenge was for many years I didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me. However, I didn’t know what other paths were available or where to start looking.


What is the time commitment?

Every organization is different. In general, the employee engagement process will require time from both the business owner and employees as each provides vital information regarding the climate of the workplace. This feedback is used to guide new strategies and processes to improve employee engagement. We generally require about 60 – 90 minutes of time from each employee – whether we are conducting individual or focus group interviews. Work with the leadership team will be more extensive to build the company vision and strategies that support the desired achievements. We know that the continued focus on the day to day business operations is the main priority, so we ensure that the process takes that into consideration. We don’t want to add stress on the workforce. We’ve been hired to make things better.

How quickly will I see results?

Many of our clients see a change in the morale and attitudes of their staff as soon as we start. When employees are aware that management want to make changes to improve the work environment, they feel optimistic. This shows in their work.

Can you “fix” my employees?

We love this question and hear it a lot! The truth is employees are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. However, the system they are working within needs fixing. Our work does just that. It’s a very positive attitude that stems great results.

How much does the employee motivation work cost?

The better question is “how much productivity are you losing due to low engagement?” Our Lost Productivity Calculator will easily give you the answer. From our experience, small businesses lose productivity output of between 15 – 20% of the annual payroll due to low motivation. If annual payroll is $1,000,000, that could add up to $200,000! We don’t charge that much.  Our clients see a strong return on their investment. Our work pays for itself – many times over.

Who is a good candidate for group coaching?

Group coaching, peer groups and masterminds are becoming the greatest leadership resources for small business owners because it generates results! As a small business owner, you can’t always turn to your employees to discuss important business challenges so you’re left to figure things out on your own. You only know what you know, and what you don’t know can hurt your business. That’s why your best investment is to be part of a group of experienced business owners who can share their knowledge about the situations you’re incurring in your business. You’ll achieve your goals faster and easier than you can imagine.

Business Rescue Coaching specializes in helping seasoned business owners like you grow and scale your business.