SPARK! Networking Group

Women do business with other women they know, like, and trust. An important part of business development is connecting with female business owners in an intimate and accessible environment. Because the female entrepreneur’s life is so busy, time is of the essence. We understand this because we’re in the same boat! So, we want to provide you with the opportunity to meet more women in a way that is personal, convenient and time effective.


Introducing SPARK!  SPARK! is a virtual speed networking meeting where female business owners can connect one-on-one with other dynamic women in short breakout sessions. You’ll be randomly assigned to three different one-on-one meetings to create a SPARK. Whether you’re looking to SPARK new connections, SPARK new ideas or SPARK new collaboration opportunities, you’ll find it here.

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Cindy Gordon is a master at creating deep, experiential learning opportunities that are fun, creative, and definitely take participants out of a normal comfort zone and into one that provides amazing learning!


Dr. Kristine Quade – ATHENA Valley of the Sun

Reflection Friday

Female entrepreneurs are constantly juggling the responsibilities of their personal and professional life. They are overwhelmed with business and family responsibilities, leaving little time to focus on themselves. By putting oneself as a priority, you start to build the muscles of self-discipline, focus and resilience – qualities essential to business success.

Reflection Friday is a free bi-monthly virtual program that offers a discussion forum on the topics relevant to your personal development and key to business success.

Participants are welcomed into a private Facebook Group to engage in ongoing conversations and get to know others on a deeper level.

To register and receive the Zoom link visit our events calendar.

...concise, applicable and eye-opening!

My first experience in Cindy Gordon’s Business Rescue Coaching was wonderful. The presentation and information was concise, applicable and eye-opening. Conversation between the others on our Zoom call was helpful to hear, and Cindy guided us with thoughts and questions to keep us all thinking. I was surprised how much came from a well-run 45 minute meeting. Kudos to Cindy for her warm, professional approach!

Joanne Grady

The Singletons

Secrets of 6-Figure Women 

Whether you are just starting out or have gained some momentum in your business, earning the first $100,000 of revenue can bring about an array of challenges. For some, the most significant hurdle can be controlling the self-talk that holds them back.



This 10-week live, virtual workshop provides participants the tools and strategies to:

  • Develop the mindset of a high-income earner
  • Use the business strategies that men use to get ahead, in a way that is authentic to you.
  • Work with determination and ease toward your dream outcomes.
  • Let go of the stories of what you should be doing and uncover what works best for you.
  • Be part of a community of other motivated women.

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Women helping Women grow and achieve the possibilities is not just words to Cindy.

Cindy helped put me back together after a painful and traumatic career transition.  I was lost, broken and beaten.  She had a class coming up called “The Secrets of 6-Figure Women” and I took the 10 week course.  I opened up from not saying very much to feeling like I was reborn.  If you are stuck, need a push, need some encouragement or even need to tweak your success, I would tell you that Cindy, her heart and her kind spirit leads you to the answers you need.  Do yourself a favor and get a new tribe with her class.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Deanna Jordan

Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Executive Mastermind Group

This year long commitment provides members with a team of trusted peers to discuss business challenges and gain unbiased feedback, share strategies to expedite business growth, and have a safe space to learn new best practices! Interested women business owners are interviewed prior to being accepted into the group to ensure they meet are ready to take their business to the next level.


Executive Mastermind Group members receive:

  • One three-hour in person meeting each month focused on the business challenges of participants.
  • Education forums lead by subject matter experts to keep members abreast of relevant topics that will enhance their business growth.
  • Customization of each meeting to target in on the needs of the group members.
  • Monthly thirty-minute one-on-one coaching with Cindy Gordon via telephone or Zoom to provide additional support to achieve your goals.
  • Each member starts the program with a one-on-one coaching session to work through the Business Rescue Coaching proprietary End Game


Interested women business owners are interviewed prior to being accepted into the group to ensure they are ready to take advantage of this rigorous program.

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Being part of a Business Rescue Group makes me feel like I’m not alone.

I feel more confident because I have people who understand my business on a deeper level and give me thought-provoking perspective outside my own. I’m not sure I would have had the courage to grow my business to the level I have without this support.

Samantha Borelli

Husse AZ

Being part of the Mastermind group has opened up new doors of learning and opportunity.

When Cindy invited me to her group, I was not that interested. I had worked with a coach since starting my business. The group has introduced me to unique women entrepreneurs who provide new insights. With Cindy as the facilitator, everyone is moving forward with purpose, and celebrating each others’ successes.

Connie Kadansky

Sales Call Reluctance Coach