About Us


My mission is to create a kinder and gentler world by bringing a sense of fulfillment to people through their work.

I founded Business Rescue Coaching (formerly Culture Shock Coaching) in 2007 when I was living in Toronto. I had spent many years in Public Accounting trying to find a way out of the profession. I was like so many employees – I wasn’t highly engaged at work and I didn’t know how to become engaged. Like my employer at the time, I just accepted my low motivation and moderate level of productivity.

In 2006, I learned about coaching and became certified through the Coaches Training Institute. The world of coaching opened a new level of understanding for me. I realized that my challenge with the field of accounting was that I was supported to be the “expert” for my clients. I didn’t believe I had the answers they were looking for to help them grow their business. I believed that they were their own experts – so how could I effectively serve them?

This awareness helped me to better understand what motivates us – intrinsic motivators – actions and behaviors that are driven by internal reward. I began to explore the area of employee motivation and quickly found that many of the managerial techniques I had been using over the years tied into intrinsic motivators.  This helped me understand why I had naturally been able to build strong teams. My reports were always invested in their work; willing to help me when needed and looking for ways to be more productive and effective in their work.

I took my new tools and learning and began working with business owners in a new and exciting way. Learning how pervasive low employee motivation challenges are allows me to make a positive impact on others and continuously focus on my mission.

Traditional leadership techniques turns to extrinsic motivators – actions and behaviors that are driven by external reward; generally money. It became evident that while fair compensation is essential, it cannot be relied upon as a motivational tool. People begin to expect more and more rewards for their actions. When the rewards are taken away or reduced, motivation declines significantly.

I created a business model that provides a simple framework for business owners to be coached around to significantly improve the level of motivation, commitment and productivity of their employees. My clients quickly saw how by tapping into the intrinsic motivators of their clients, the energy level changed in their businesses. People became happier and more invested. This helped the business grow exponentially. Employees became brand ambassadors of their employer and were quick to refer customers and potential employees. transitioned the accounting clients who were open to my new way of “advising” them. Together, we were able to look at their business through a different lens and some of the results were spectacular. Not only were the businesses thriving, but the excitement, energy and happiness the owner experienced was profound.

In 2013, I moved my business to Phoenix, Arizona and have been integrating these same concepts into local small businesses. It is wonderful to see how well received it is here.

Cindy Gordon – Owner

Our Philosophy

While all small businesses experience similar types of challenges over time, we believe that business owners deal with them in their own unique way. At Business Rescue Coaching we aspire to help you make changes to your business that are authentic to you and your corporate culture. We honor how you learn, grow and lead. We customized how we work with you so you can achieve your goals quickly and easily. We want to help you make Monday the best day of the week in your organization!

Our Values

Individuality You know yourself better than anyone else and we are here to help you grow your business and accomplish your objectives in a way that feels natural, comfortable and manageable to you.

Personal Fulfillment Work shouldn’t feel like work. Whether you’re the owner of the business or an employee – everyone should come to work energized and excited to bring their best to what they do. We’ll help you use the passion and excitement that you have for  your business to energize your team and catapult profits.

Have Fun! Change doesn’t always come easy. We aim to make our work sessions fun so they don’t feel like work. OK – sometimes they will, but we pledge to find ways to bring smiles and laughter into the mix to make the “work” of change less taxing.

Partnership We know that change isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know how to do things differently; sometimes it’s just hard to change habits. The relationship we build together is of utmost importance to us. From day one, you’ll know that we are invested in the success of your business. It is our main priority. We’ll be there for you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. We’ll be your trusted advisor and your greatest cheerleader.