About Us


My purpose is to create a kinder and gentler world by bringing a sense of fulfillment to people through their work.

I founded Business Rescue Coaching (formerly Culture Shock Coaching) in 2007 when I was living in Toronto, Canada. I had spent many years in Public Accounting trying to find a way out. I was like so many employees – going to work to get paid and not invested in the job.

In 2006, I learned about coaching and became certified through The Coaches Training Institute. The world of coaching opened a new level of self-awareness for me. I realized why I didn’t thrive as a CPA and how I really wanted to help business owners. So, armed with a bag of new tools, I started to work with my accounting clients in a very different way – empowering them to be better leaders in order to drive greater financial success to their business. Our conversations shifted from the number to much richer and through-provoking concepts. Work became very rewarding and fulfilling. I was thriving and so was my business.

In 2012, my husband was offered the opportunity to move to the US for work. Even though our children were in high school, we felt it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona and I thought it would be a seamless transition professionally. Business owners would love what I had to offer and would be knocking down my door. Boy, was I wrong! The business landscape was very different to what I was used to, and I didn’t know where to start to build my business.

Progress was slow and my ego was bruised. I became overwhelmed by self-doubt and comfortable being supported by my husband’s income.

In 2017, my husband suffered a major health issue and we weren’t sure he would be able to continue working. How would we pay our bills? Would we have to sell our house? It was a real wakeup call! This experience lit a fire inside of me and everything changed. I did the work on my business I kept avoiding; started doing what it takes to build a successful business and surrounded myself with an amazing group of supportive people. I know what it is like to not earn your worth and what it takes to build a 6-figure income – because I lived it.

My story isn’t unique. Hundreds of thousands of women are experiencing the same thing. It was a scary feeling to not be financailly independent and I  don’t want others to feel the way I did.

Today, Business Rescue Coaching offers virtual workshops to guide women down the path of success. We shed the light on strategies and tactics that need to be taken and we stay by your side along the way. Women are amazing business leaders. Customers, prospects, families and communities reap the benefits of successful women business owners. At Business Rescue Coaching, we want to do our part in making all women financially independent, confident and fulfilled. This will definitely make the world a kinder and gentler place.

Cindy Gordon – Owner

Our Philosophy

Women work best when they are in a community of their peers. History shows that women would congregate to do chores and tend to the children. As more and more women are starting small businesses, they become isolated and lack the community environment. We aim to make Business Rescue Coaching the gathering spot for women – whether it is to learn together, share thoughts or just know that there is someone there to cheer them on. We are here to be the shining light of optimism and guidance to every female who has the desire to be a Wealthy Women!

Our Values

Together we are better

Stay curious, everyone is unique

Always look for ways to add value

Take any opportunity to make someone smile or laugh