Fall – The Season for Growth

Fall – The Season for Growth

As I sit here writing this message about fall, the temperature today in Phoenix will be 100F. Everything is still green and the flowers are still in full bloom. It doesn’t feel like fall, but there is an internal message within each of us that signals the changing seasons.

I look at the pandemic as a message from a higher power. Whether you believe in God, the Universe or something else, the pandemic has brought upheaval to everyone’s life. No one has been unaffected by it. I believe this has happened for a reason. I believe that our world, our values and beliefs have gotten so off track. The pandemic was a way to make everyone stop in their tracks. For a very long stretch, people couldn’t go out; couldn’t interact with others. It was an opportunity for people to look within.

But what ended up happening was abuse within families soared; alcohol purchases were up; stress levels were sky high. What does this say? Maybe people weren’t comfortable looking within. Maybe a lot of people out there aren’t comfortable being with themselves – let alone the other people in their home. 

Yes, the pandemic brought about new challenges – home schooling children, shortages of food and supplies, financial uncertainties. But at the end of the day, no matter what challenges are offered to us, if we can’t find moments of joy, appreciation or gratitude for the little things in our life, we have bigger problems than we imagine.

Negative emotions such as fear, stress and anxieties shut down our logical mind. We can’t find solutions to the smallest of challenges when we’re flooded by these types of emotions. Alcohol doesn’t take the stress away. Yelling or abusing someone doesn’t take the stress away.

We need to find love within our hearts to clear our minds and find new solutions to our problems. This is the growth that is available to each of us. Make this new season your time to grow.

What is one thing you can do every day – starting today – that would make the greatest difference in your life? Is it time to:

  • look for a new career path
  • tell someone you love them
  • apologize to someone
  • look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you. You’re wonderful”.


Each of these small steps will have a huge impact on your day and life. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start now – as you finish reading this piece. Choose one thing that you’ll start practicing every day.

Send me an email and let me know. This will help to hold you committed to this practice.

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