Our Services

Business Rescue Coaching is for you if you:

  • Feel frustrated by slow growth

  • Are confused about your next steps

  • Are always exhausted from working so much

  • Feel uncertain about hiring staff

  • Hesitate to make certain decisions

  • Are an expert in your trade and need help with becoming a leader and growing your business

  • Want to scale and grow and you need more hands-on step by step support

  • Lay awake at night thinking about the challenges and pressures of running a business 

  • Feel stressed being in the unknown zone

  • Get caught up in the whirlwind of activities that are not generating income

  • Feel like you are in a job and not a money making business

Being held accountable is the fire that gets you moving. It’s like having a constant cheerleader keeping you motivated and on track!


Cindy Gordon

Business Support Groups

Becoming a business owner can be a lonely journey. You feel like you’re plowing through a cornfield just hoping you’re going in the right direction. It can sometimes be challenging to find supportive experienced, like minded business owners who have your back with no motivations.   Our Business Rescue support groups help you realize you’re not alone. We’re a collaborative and supportive community and we understand what it’s like to be a business owner. We’re here to help you flourish and succeed.   During our business support group meetings,  we’ll collaboratively tackle your fundamental struggles bite by bite and we’ll help you solve them, so that you can begin thriving doing what you love.   Unlike other support groups, we focus on your most pressing business situations, not general concepts that may or may not be relevant to you at the time. Our groups are not just filled with discussion – they are action oriented. One of the greatest benefits is that you have hands-on dedicated accountability, so your action steps and solutions don’t slip through the cracks.

Here are some of the benefits our participants have gained to help them grow their business:

  • How to generate leads through referrals
  • Progression in business growth and cash flow generation
  • An understanding of how to break things down in small chunks, to achieve more and move your business forward
  • How to create a plan and the steps needed to carry it out
  • A team of people to guide you through your challenges
  • Higher Business Profits
  • Accountability Support 
  • Clarity, structure and clear Goals
  • A support system through the good times and bad
  • The ability to track and monitor financial results with more accuracy

Note: These benefits are from real customer feedback

Being part of a Business Rescue Group makes me feel like I’m not alone.

samantha-borelliI feel more confident because I have people who understand my business on a deeper level and give me thought-provoking perspective outside my own. I’m not sure I would have had the courage to own a business without this support.   Samantha Borelli – Husse AZ

I got ideas I would have never thought of on my own.

(Participating in the Business Rescue Coaching support group) is always fun. I always have an unexpected and unplanned outcome with a plan for execution and accountability. This is powerful!   Bruce Wuollet – Bakerson LLC

Individual Business Support

We’re happy to provide individual support for those who need more personal attention and who might not be comfortable in a group setting. Our individual support services include the same benefits as stated above.

jen-kahtzCindy Gordon has helped me with my marketing business tremendously. She caused me to see my business objectively and had me process my business services and way of working. With her help, I created a step by step of exactly what I do and my services. Since this support, I’ve been able to close more business with more professional companies. I’ve also been able to win over my competition because I can now explain my advantages and value more efficiently. There’s been a wonderful increase in revenue outcomes by taking her direction. Thank you, Cindy, for helping me become more successful.   Jennifer KahtzEmotive Pull Communications, LLC

Our Service Promise

We will always focus first on the challenge that is causing you the most stress in your business.

We will work to create solutions that are right for you and your business – and not give you prepackaged or generic solutions.

We will respond to your emails or texts within 2 hours so you never feel like you are alone.


If we don’t live up to these promises, we will refund your money for the last session taken.