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For The Curious Learner – Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile 

Whether you own a business or are part of an organization, entrepreneurial mindset is an essential component for innovation, skill improvement, growth and development. Entrepreneurship (or intrapreneurship within organizations) is about problem-solving.

Where to Start

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) is a cutting-edge assessment tool that examines your skills and capabilities to drive innovation and growth. Based on research findings, the EMP ranks the participant’s assessment outcomes against norms of business entrepreneurs and corporate managers in 7 characteristics that distinguish entrepreneurs and 7 skills that are critical to entrepreneurial success.

What You Will Learn

The EMP Individual Report charts out your assessment results as compared to the norm of entrepreneurs and corporate managers. Our one-on-one debrief guides you through the gaps to help understand your unique gifts and opportunities to unlock possibilities that were out of your reach.

For teams, the EMP provides valuable information to leverage the skills of each team member to maximize both their happiness and success in their roles. The team report provides the leader with an aggregate of the team outcomes that provides a clear perspective on how the team is working and how to achieve optimal results.

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“The entrepreneurial mindset is about a certain way of thinking – it is about the way in which you approach challenges and mistakes. It is about an inherent need to improve your skill set and to try and try again.”


Arash Asli, Co-Founder of Yocale.com

For the Mover & Shaker – Female Executive Club Mastermind Groups

Reaching your first $100,000 of revenue is a major milestone. It takes determination and hard work. Going from $100K to $250K to $500K to $1 million brings about a multitude of unique challenges. It is at this point in business when staffing, financing, and leadership become essential elements for success. You are no longer the solopreneur.


The Business Rescue Coaching Executive Club Mastermind groups offer female business owners a safe space to dream big, share best practices and discuss the challenges they are encountering. Our program provides a proven successful methodology to accelerate growth and minimize the stress of this growth phase of business. We offer speakers who are the best subject matter experts in areas of current need as well as topics relevant to this stage of business growth. We ensure our members are up to date on the latest and most relevant business information. We know you are busy, so we do the work to keep you informed.

Group members are hand-picked to ensure there is a well-rounded team of experts for you. Each member goes through our proprietary End Game process to clarify the direction of their business. Throughout the program, members stay focused on their success plan and are held accountable for their progress. This improves the likelihood that goals will be achieved. 

To be considered for membership you should have:

  • A minimum of 3 years as a business owner/leader
  • The intention to grow your business to greater heights
  • The desire to share your knowledge with other business owners
  • A curious mindset to learn, grow and develop
  • The fearlessness to be vulnerable and ask for help
  • And – we have to like you!

To find out if our Mastermind program is right for you, let’s talk.

Being part of a Business Rescue Group makes me feel like I’m not alone.

samantha-borelliI feel more confident because I have people who understand my business on a deeper level and give me thought-provoking perspective outside my own. I’m not sure I would have had the courage to grow my business to the level I have without this support.   Samantha Borelli – Husse AZ

Being part of the Mastermind group has opened up new doors of learning and opportunity.

When Cindy invited me to her group, I was not that interested. I had worked with a coach since starting my business. The group has introduced me to unique women entrepreneurs who provide new insights. With Cindy as the facilitator, everyone is moving forward with purpose, and celebrating each others’ successes.   Connie Kadansky – Sales Call Reluctance Coach 



The 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, Commissioned by American Express

For The Hamster on the Wheel – Secrets of 6-Figure Women 

Whether you are just starting out or have gaining some momentum, earning the first $100,000 of revenue can bring about an array of challenges. For some, the most significant hurdle can be controlling the self-talk that holds us back.

When building my business from scratch in Phoenix, I learned that I was getting in the way of my success. I lacked a sense of urgency to execute the tasks I didn’t love doing; I wasn’t laser focused on what I wanted to achieve; and I didn’t create the process that would enable me to be effective with my time. I learned from my mistakes and I created workshops to make growing your business easier for you.”

Cindy Gordon, owner of Business Rescue Coaching 

This 10-week live, virtual workshop takes the fear and uncertainty out of the early stages of business growth and gives you the confidence to make great strides through:

  • The development of a high-income earner mindset;
  • Learning the business success strategies men use and gaining an understanding of how to execute them in an authentic way;
  • Motivating you to work toward your dream outcomes;
  • The creation of goals that deal with what is most urgent to your professsional success with the tactics needed to be carried out immediately to be successful; and
  • The connection to other businesswomen who are going through the same challenges you are.

Contact us to learn more.

Women helping Women grow and achieve the possibilities is not just words to Cindy. 


Cindy helped put me back together after a painful and traumatic career transition.  I was lost, broken and beaten.  She had a class coming up called “The Secrets of 6-Figure Women” and I took the 10 week course.  I opened up from not saying very much to feeling like I was reborn.  If you are stuck, need a push, need some encouragement or even need to tweak your success, I would tell you that Cindy, her heart and her kind spirit leads you to the answers you need.  Do yourself a favor and get a new tribe with her class.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Deanna Jordan – Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Reading the book Secrets of 6-Figure Women, I identified so many great points, but Cindy brought them alive and put them into real life application.

Thank you, Cindy for your expert guidance in the Secrets of Six-Figure Women workshop. I gained empowerment from the start, especially in how I view and express my worth. I can’t wait to really start working these principles into my six-figure income goals.

Michelle Faust – Rhino Online Strategies & E-Creativity



Barbara Stanny, Author of Secrets of 6-Figure Women

For The Novice Entrepreneur – Reflection Friday

Women entrepreneurs are constantly juggling the responsibilities of their personal and professional life.

We are so busy taking care of our business and family responsibilities, there is little time to focus on ourselves. Personal development starts becoming a priority when we are so strung out, it becomes a necessity.


By putting yourself as a priority, you build the muscles of self- discipline; focus and resilience. These are the best qualities you can have to be successful.

Our Reflection Friday program focuses on the topics that we never have the time to deal with but provide the greatest benefits in our life. From self-care to organizing emails, the topics will be relevant to women business owners who are either starting out on their business journey, overwhelmed by life or need an understanding ear to talk to.

Participants of the Reflection Friday group will be welcomed into our private Facebook Group to continue the topical conversation; ask for help between calls; and build relationships with other amazing female business owners.

Participation in this program is FREE. Meetings are held every other Friday via Zoom.

Click here to visit our events calendar to register. You’ll receive the Zoom link and a follow up reminder prior to the meeting.