As a small business owner, entrepreneurial traits are essential to your success. Most business owners aren’t aware of these traits and therefore miss out on learning opportunities that could lead to faster business growth and more success.


Do you have a low tolerance for risk that stops you from taking steps to grow your business? Do you struggle to come up with new ways of attracting clients? Do you come up with ideas but struggle to bring them to fruition? These are some of the common challenges that entrepreneurs may experience. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) can provide you with the self-awareness you need to create more effective strategies for success.


Self-awareness is the key to growth. Armed with information about how you compare to the average entrepreneur you will be able to take advantage of your strengths more consciously; look for support needed in areas where you aren’t natually inclined; and see what entrepreneurial skills you need to learn.


Business Rescue Coaching is now offering the EMP assessment with a 40-minute telephone or Zoom debrief for only $179.00 US.


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Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

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